Anti-Bacteria Wet Wipes (100 wipes)



Use to clean and deodorize sports equipment like: helmets, hockey and boxing gloves, stinky feet, stinky hands, tables and counters, anywhere when long lasting odor elimination is required.

Contains 100 wipes per canister.

To Dispense Wipes:

Remove the lid and discard the inner seal from canister. Find center of wipe roll, remove first wipe for use. Twist corner of next wipe into a point and thread through the hole in the canister lid. Pull through about 25 mm. Replace lid. Dispense remaining wipes as necessary by pulling out an angle. When not in use keep container cap of lid closed to prevent moisture loss.

Deodorizing and Disinfecting:

To clean and deodorize nonfood contact surfaces only: Use a wipe to remove heavy soil. Unfold a clean wipe and thoroughly wet surface. Treated surface must remain wet fora  full 3 minutes. Use additional wipe(s) as a necessary to assure continuous 3 minutes wet contact time. Let air dry.

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