Silver Hand and Body Moisturizing Lotion



The Natural Way to Moisturize - ideal for skin irritations.

Hand & Body Moisturising Lotion is formulated using unique silver ion technology that often provides quick and lasting relief during use:

1. Pain and itching associated with dry skin, irrritating skin rashes, psoriassi, eczema and sun exposure.

2. Odors - feet and hands due to athletic equipment or footware.


"I`m 76 years old and as you know if you near my age all sorts
skin problems develop that were never a problem in younger
years.  Hand & Body Moisturising Lotion has always worked for
me when other remedies did not. 2 or 3 - 8.5 ounce bottles last
me a year or more. THE BEST RETURN  ON MY MONEY FOR

- J.W. Fulwider

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