Hear what people are saying about Funk-Out...




"After one of my men's league games I decided to give Funk-Out a try. I sprayed it inside my gloves, on my shoulder pads and my shin guards, skates and inside my hockey bag. The odor ceased instantly. I was absolutely amazed!"

-Barry, Peterborough Ontario Canada

"After our first overnight away game where everyone had to hang their kids gear either in their hotel room or car, I sold 5 bottles. My wife was talking up a storm how our room smelt like a hotel room and not a hockey locker room. It will only take another trip of gear stinking up rooms that I should have the whole team converted to using Funk-Out."


"I wanted to let you know that I tried Funk-Out in a washtub for some goalie equipment and I was very pleased with the results. The equipment went from being difficult to be in the same room with to not even noticing it up close. I'll try the spray on the glove and blocker the next time they are left unguarded."


"... My boys and I just attended a week long hockey camp and I was one of the lucky winners of the funk out so I gave it a try. I washed our stinky gear in the Funk Out detergent. and it works. There was no left over stink, which there often is with regular detergent...What kept going through my head after the third set of gear was "Funk Out for Sure"...my husband said I sounded like a Valley Girl...Once I get the pictures I will send them your way. And Maybe you can come to our event next year in April. Players were really intrigued by the product and were excited to win the gift bags that I made with them."


"Just a quick e-mail to let you know we tried the funk-out and are quite impressed and the items aren't even dry yet. Put a pair of shin guards and elbow pads in the nice clean water with the funk-out and the water left was so disgusting we couldn't believe it!!! Let you know when they dry!!"



"When my husband Vince and I scuba dive wet suit and boot odor is a big problem. We used some Funk-Out Deodorizing Spray and the odor was gone. To our surprise the odor did not come back during our entire Scuba vacation. I used it on my wet suit with the same results."

-Vince and Kristin D`Angelo
Chesterfield Michigan

"My dog had a run in with a skunk. I didn’t know what to do, I used Funk-Out and was I amazed. It was like the skunk incident never happened."

-Brian Gruszczyk  
Mason Ohio

"I was so tired of my hockey equipment and jersey smelling so bad. I heard about Funk-Out and tried both the deodorizing spray on my equipment and the deodorizing laundry product for my jersey and underwear. It worked. The guys around me in the locker room are talking to me again."

-Steve Pankewicz
Sterling Heights Michigan

"I'm a professional fishing guide and when I’m working I usually have a pair of waders on. During spring and fall they rarely have a chance to dry between trips and become the perfect breeding ground for what I call “wader rot” which can be almost unbearable. It’s not just me either, my guide buddies have the same problem and it’s normal procedure to toss an expensive pair of waders in the dumpster due to stench long before they have worn out. When I tried Funk-Out Deodorizing Spray I was amazed at its effectiveness. Funk-Out not only killed the funky odor in my waders it kept them fresh for months. This has saved me hundreds of dollars a year in wader expense and made life on the river a lot more pleasant!"

-Jay Anglin
LaPorte Indiana