Guaranteed Odor Elimination or It's Free!

If Funk-Out doesn't completely remove your odor problem we will give you a 100% refund on your purchase!

The Solution to All Your Odor Problems

Funk-Out is the solution to all your odor problems. Our powerful, all natural odor eliminator solution neutralizes and eliminates odors. Our solution is All Natural and 100% Safe to use around kids and pets. Funk-Out is so safe that it can even be directly applied to pets and skins, just avoid contact with eyes and mouth.






What is Funk-Out?

Funk-Out is our specially formulated, ready to use product that provides fast results to any odor problem. Our solution is a premium, all natural odor eliminator that utilizes the proven anti-microbial properties of silver ions to permanently eliminate odors.




        • Proven Anti-Microbial properties that last a long time - Destroys odors for good
        • 100% Natural and Non-hazardous - Safe to use around pets and kids
        • Odorless - No perfumes or fragrances in our solution

        How is Funk-Out Different than other Odor Eliminators?

        Have you tried other odor eliminating products, only to find a few hours later the odor returning?

        That’s because most odor eliminators only mask the odor with a fragrance. Once the masking agents wear-off, the odor returns.

        Funk-Out is odorless and uses Silver Ion Technology, which naturally eliminates odor-causing bacteria. And you don’t have to worry about the odor returning. The silver ions used in Funk-Out prevent the bacteria from growing back. So, once the odor is eliminated, it stays eliminated. Put simply, Funk-Out permanently and naturally eliminates odors.

        How to Use:

        We offer two options for eliminating odor.

        1. Funk-Out Odor Eliminator Deodorizing Spray

        Simply spray Funk-Out on the odor causing problem and let our solution go to work, effectively eliminating the odor so you can breathe easy once again.

        Directions: Shake well. Spray directly onto smelly surface. Sniff surface. If the stink isn’t gone, spray again. Allow to dry completely.

        2. Funk-Out Odor Eliminator Laundry Concentrate

        Perfect for any smelly items that can be washed.

        Directions for Washing Machines: Shake well. Add 2 oz. of product to the final rinse cycle of one wash load.
        Directions for Soaking: Add 2-4 oz. to warm water in sink or tub. Add smelly clothes/equipment. Hand wash and dip repeatedly – ensure full saturation. Leave standing in water for 5-10 minutes. Wring out clothes. Hand to air & drip dry. 

        How Customers Have Used Funk-Out:

        Odors Eliminated
        Urine Odors: Cat Urine, Dog Urine, Human Urine, Pet Urine
        Pet Odors: Pet Blankets, Pet Beds, Pet Cages, Litter Boxes
        Human Odors: Shoe Odor, Foot Odor, Vomit, Sweat Odor
        Sports Equipment Odors: Gym Bags, Skates, Gloves, Helmets, Jerseys, Pads
        Smoke Odors: Cigarette Smoke, Cigar Smoke, Tobacco Smoke
        Everything Else: Skunk Odor, Clothing Odors, Rotting Food, Mold etc..


        100% Money Back Guarantee - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

        We are so confident in our solution that we offer a complete 100% Money Back Guarantee on all orders! Our customers satisfaction is our number one priority. If Funk-Out doesn't eliminate your odor problem, simply contact us and we will issue a complete refund on your purchase. No questions asked! And no need to return the product.

        All Natural and Non-Hazardous

        Funk-Out is all natural and 100% safe to use around pets and kids. Use Funk-Out worry free on all surfaces including your furniture or car interior. Our solution is so safe it can be directly applied to skin or pets (just avoid getting in eyes)! 

        Ready to Use - No Mixing

        Other premium odor eliminators require you to mix their solution with water before you can use them. Funk-Out's Spray and Laundry Concentrate are ready to use from the bottle. No more messes or wasting time trying to mix the correct amount of water.

        Funk-Out Works

        Funk-Out permanently eliminates odors FAST! Stop masking odors only to find the odor returning hours later. Funk-Out is completely odorless and contains zero masking agents. Our solution eliminates the odor and continues to work so the odor won't return.


        Try Risk Free Today!


        We guarantee Funk-Out will eliminate your odor problem or we will issue you a 100% refund on your purchase. No questions asked. Hassle free. You don't even need to return the product.

        Funk-Out Odor Eliminator Deodorizing Spray Bottle

        Starting at $6.95

        Funk-Out Odor Eliminator Laundry Concentrate

        Starting at $8.95

        See what our loyal customers are saying...

        "Thanks to Funk-Out I no longer have to buy new gym shoes every couple of months. I run and workout 3-4 times per week and a new pair of gym shoes start to smell pretty awful within a few short weeks. I simply sprayed the insoles of my shoes with the Deodorizing Spray and the odor completely vanished!"


        "My dog had a run in with a skunk. I didn’t know what to do, I used Funk-Out and was I amazed. It was like the skunk incident never happened."

        -Brian Gruszczk Mason, Ohio

        "After one of my men's league games I decided to give Funk-Out a try. I sprayed it inside my gloves, on my shoulder pads and my shin guards, skates and inside my hockey bag. The odor ceased instantly. I was absolutely amazed!"

        -Barry, Peterborough Ontario Canada

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