Throughout history Silver has been recognized for both its sterile and antibacterial properties as well as a monetary standard. It is known from their writings that the Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to have used silver and history again shows us that:

  • Funk-OutThe Greeks and Romans stored liquids in vessels crafted out of silver in order to prevent spoilage and to keep bacteria from growing.
  • During the Middle Ages there were outbreaks of disease such as the plague. It is said however that the wealthy were protected to the full extent of the plague due to their cutlery being made of silver.
  • The earliest American Pioneers, who settled the frontier, placed silver or copper coins in their drinking water and milk.The silver coins kept the water safe from bacteria and algae and also kept the milk fresh.

Using modern technology it is now possible to utilize the antimicrobial properties of Silver in a variety of ways.In recent times Silver Ion Technology has been in bandages and plasters, and also in polymers used for the manufacture of laboratory and operating theater equipment.

Funk-Out provides Silver Ion Technology in the form of convenient and cost effective products for use in most environments. Funk-Out works so effectively as it contains silver ions, which are a natural anti-microbial with high effectiveness against over 50 different organisms including bacteria, molds, yeasts and fungi. The unique "slow release" technology adopted in Funk-Out allows the silver ions to work continuously over time, in order to suppress microbial growth for weeks and not minutes like regular biocides and disinfectants.


Quite simply there are 3 key stages on how our products work:

  1. The outer membrane of the germ is destroyed.
  2. Silver then enters inside the germ via microscopic channels and destroys the liquid (cytoplasm) inside the cell.
  3. Silver then interferes with the DNA replication process causing the germs inability to replicate. And if a germ cannot reproduce then it cannot spread. 

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