Funk Out on the Farm?

Believe it or not, hockey and football players aren't the only ones who stink... Farmers can put up a good fight, too--especially those who work with pigs! And who knows better than the wives of farmers?

Holly Michael lives in Dayton, Ohio on a hog farm, and earlier this year she wrote about her experience using Funk Out to deal with laundry odors caused by mud and pig $&#@... Read about her full experience right here!


"I successfully added Funk-Out to two loads of Husband's funky laundry--one from our pig auction and another load that included damp farm laundry that had been sitting around for a day. Both loads produced laundry that smelled like... NOTHING. My favorite laundry smell."

UPDATE 3/18/2015:

Holly was generous to write another review on Funk-Out and how it has helped her get rid of nasty odors!

Check it out at her blog: